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When you invest in Butte Websites, you are not getting a cheap template site, but are building what will save as your business’s digital storefront. JTech serves as a partner in this investment, managing and securing your personal data and keeping your company operating online 24 hours a day.
1Complexity and Performance

Complexity and Performance

When your website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you loose 40% of your customers.
The inefficient architecture of a cheap, “canned” website often bogs down performance. Our team can build you a responsive, customized site with noticeably superior performance, appearance and functionality.
The terms “CMS,” “template,” or “package,” are often used to refer to the development of a website template system such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. These ‘canned’ sites are usually designed to fit a very board mold and are created by less-technical people. Since their purposes are very general, this means the constructs of these websites are usually crowded with unnecessary complexity, causing performance to suffer and making ongoing maintenance difficult.

Butte Websites are custom-built by our skilled team of designers and developers, making them much more sharp than a ‘packaged’ system such as WordPress. No matter the size of your project, whether your business is old or new, our team can build you a custom solution that is responsive, meets your needs and is superior in performance and appearance.
2Customized Features

Customized Features

WordPress sites suffer from a patchwork of plugins required for any features added to a basic package.
The design of Butte Websites is planned around your business needs, designed and developed with custom code and easy for you to update using our content management system.
The databases that exist in WordPress are designed to be intricate, one-size fits-all template systems, not store the information pertinent to your needs. Employing additions in WordPress means adding plugins that often hinder the performance of your site (go ahead, Google it: WordPress update breaks my website).

My JTech
The features of Butte Websites are planned around your needs with your future growth in mind. Our developers write custom code for every project, ensuring your site does what it needs to. Paired with our custom content management system, it is simple for you to update and maintain content on a daily basis.


WordPress made up nearly 80% of the sites compromised as reported by one security firm.
Security should always be a top priority for both yourself and your customers. The framework used to build Butte Websites ensures top security and we continually work to keep your data safe.

When you run a business, you are in charge of not only your own, but also your customer’s personal information, meaning security should be a top priority. Due to its popularity and open framework, WordPress is highly-targeted by hackers; for one security firm, nearly 80% of all compromised sites they worked on were deployed via WordPress.

Butte Websites are streamline and secure. In place of hacked-on plugins, additions are integrated as a natural part of the website’s infrastructure. Our team is constantly monitoring our servers, working to catch attempted breaches and other issues before they compromise your business.
4Site Management

Site Management

Template agencies and hosting companies will simply read to you from a troubleshooting script when you experience technical difficulties.
Because JTech sites include site management, our account manager will walk you through any issues or concerns straightaway.

When you call a low-cost hosting company, employees are often trained simply to read to you from a troubleshooting script. This is because the agencies who deploy template sites are one-size-fits-all and do not include additional services. Most of the time, these “web designers” will deploy your canned website package, set you up with a cheap hosting service and their communication with you is done. This results in a high-maintenance website with no point of responsibility when help is needed.

With JTech, we include site management in every project, including domain hosting, as well as any ongoing support you may need along the way. All of your data is stored securely on our own servers right here in Montana and if an error is generated we will fix it for free.
5Long-term Partnership

Long-term Partnership

Once someone has been paid at a WordPress agency, you are typically left on your own.
Minutes Spent
Waiting on Hold
After the launch of your new site, our entire team remains at your service, here to answer phones at a single phone number.
With commodity sites like WordPress, once deployed, their relationship with you is typically over, leaving you to manage the site and your company’s growth on your own. We often meet clients who are unfamiliar with who worked on their website or find that there is no one to reach when they need assistance.

We view your website project as the start of a business partnership, which includes the ongoing support of our entire staff. Reachable at a single, Montana-local number, is our team of digital marketers, designers, developers and copywriters. We pair with your company to ensure its long-term success in any climate so you can succeed in business online.

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